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New Psychology Network

Welcome to 1-psychology.com the network axis of the New Psychology Network.

New psychology means psychology not as it is taught in Universities and practiced currently by licensed psychologists, but psychology that is based on the latest breakthroughs in mind, body, spirit technologies, and including Energy Psychology.

Although the psychology establishment has no interest whatsoever in even investigating these new psychology methods which have already transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, individual psychologists certainly do.

So do a wide range of holistic practitioners and mind, body, spirit therapists and counsellors from all kinds of different modalities, as well as allopathic healers, nurses, doctors and also "just people" who want to take advantage of the new psychology methods and techniques which are easy, gentle and highly effective.

Essentially, the new psychology is a grass roots movement of people who were simply fed up with suffering from all manner of mental and emotional disturbances and were not offered any kind of logical and effective treatment programs.

These people looked elsewhere and found techniques and methods such as TFT, EFT, EMO and Events Psychology, to mention but a few, which actually work to change human emotion, and thereby also thought and behaviour which follows on from the underlying emotional mind/body states.

New psychology isn't taught to this day at any University; it is up to each individual human being to decide if these new methods and approaches make sense, and if they have something to offer.

There is a huge amount of free information about the new psychology approaches on the Internet, and the best way forward is to take some of the treatment protocols, read about the theories, and try them out for yourself.

This is the best way to validate the claims of the new psychology that it can indeed change emotions, thoughts and behaviour - by personal, direct experience.

The new psychology network brings news from many sites and individual people and practitioners who are using the new psychology approaches, to give an alternative to those who seek to learn more about how people work, and who want to find new methods, tools and approaches to help themselves, and the clients they serve.


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Posted Jun 1, 2010