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Increase Your Depth of Knowledge with the Complete Events Psychology Package!

As you may know, Events Psychology forms the backbone of the EFT Master Practitioner Training, Energy EFT and also Positive EFT and EMO - Energy In Motion. Our understanding of the processes of modern energy work, and especially EFT with its amazing healing events, has taken a quantum leap because of Events Psychology.

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Posted Nov 26, 2014

Flexible Training With Dr. Millett

Michael Millett's three-day EFT Master Practitioner Certification Training is tailored to fit around busy schedules giving everyone the opportunity to obtain the popular EFT Master Practitioner qualification.

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Posted Nov 18, 2014

Positive EFT Case Story - Meet Your Needs With Positive EFT

This Positive EFT case story comes from AMT Trainer Kelly Burch who explains how she uses the technique to feed her aspect more of what it wants.

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Posted Nov 17, 2014

Energy EFT Case Story - A Truly Spiritual EFT Experience!

In this EFT case story, Lorna Firth uses memory and aspect work to help a client work through the death of his father in order to succeed in moving his business to the next level.

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Posted Nov 16, 2014

EFT Case Story: Tapping Into Enlightenment

In this EFT case story, Lawrence Pagett tells of a session with first-time tapper Paul Millward in which he helped Paul reach a state of enlightenment.

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Posted Nov 14, 2014

AMT Energy Conference 2014 - Energists' Photos of Eastbourne

In this article are 10 of the most stunning photos of Eastbourne sent in by energists who attended the AMT Energy Conference 2014 at The View Hotel on Eastbourne's historic seafront, located a short distance from its iconic pier.

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Posted Nov 11, 2014

Forthcoming Live Trainings & Events - December 2014

Have you been thinking about becoming a practitioner, or taking that extra course? Are your skills in need of a little polish or you want to learn what's new? Don't wait, book your place at an event in December today! 

The AMT advertises up and coming Live Trainings and Events, so that you can say "Yes - I'm going to do it".

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Posted Nov 11, 2014

Welcome New AMT Members - October 2014

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. 

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Posted Nov 11, 2014

An Easy Way To Better Presentations

In this article, AMT Trainer Barbara Saph speaks about EFT and Toastmaster groups as valuable tools to improve your public speaking skills and your overall confidence. 

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Posted Nov 10, 2014

The Healing Hands of Matrix Reimprinting

In this article, Dr. Elizabeth Boath and Professor Tony Stewart talk about Matrix Reimprinting using EFT, and how it can help people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as a whole range of other issues. 

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Posted Nov 8, 2014

AMT Energy Conference 2014 - Full Report

This is the report on the AMT Energy Conference 2014 including feedback from delegates, photos and videos.

Note: If you'd like to join us for AMT 2015 (10th & 11th October 2015) then please do register soon to get the best ticket price

Posted Nov 7, 2014

Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT Published in Germany by VAK

The wonderful new introduction to modern energy EFT "Positive EFT" by our chairman Silvia Hartmann is now available in the German language. We are excited that our German speaking friends have access to the companion to Energy EFT, as Positive EFT opens the door for anyone to feel better and understand why we're so excited about modern energy work!

Entitled  Das neue Positiv-EFT - Tapping kompakt this excellent book is available through Amazon.de here.

Get the original English Language Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann here.

Posted Nov 7, 2014

How To Obtain CEUs

In this informative article, Terry Lynch shows you how to obtain CEUs (Continuing Education Units) in order to be considered for the Positive EFT and EFT Master Practitioner courses.

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Posted Nov 6, 2014

Let People Know You're There!

In this article, Dr. Silvia Hartmann urges Energists to make themselves known in order to effectively use their abilities to help others.

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Posted Nov 4, 2014

AMT Trainer Interview: Sally Canning

In this interview, Stephen Kent interviews EFT trainer Sally Canning, the winner of the Trainer/Speaker prize at the National 'Women Inspiring Women' awards ceremony in Birmingham, UK

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Posted Nov 2, 2014

EFT Case Story: Don't solve it - evolve it.

Rachel Stapleton recently completed her EFT Master Practitioner training, via Distance Learning. As part of her assignments she wrote a case story focusing on 'Changing the Experience of Pain with EFT'.

Rachel tells us how on the first visit she finds a lady in chronic pain, unable to lead a normal life and in distress. Using EFT, a gentle touch and patience Rachel was able to observe dramatic results.

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Posted Oct 30, 2014

EMO Case Story - Two Days To Save A Marriage

In this EMO (EmoTrance) case story, experienced AMT trainer Sandra Hillawi describes how by using EMO techniques, she helped a client begin to heal after discovering that her husband had been having an affair.

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Posted Oct 29, 2014

EFT Article - Transformed From Parent to Author

This EFT story is comes from first-time author Kelly Burch. In this article, Kelly describes her experience writing Parenting With Heart & Soul. This article was first featured exclusively in the Autumn 2014 (Vol.1 No.2) edition of The Energist

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Posted Oct 28, 2014

Positive EFT Case Story - Reclaim the Magic and Believe in Fairies

Anne Marie Yates recently passed her EFT Master Practitoner Training with Silvia Hartmann. As part of her distance learning course, she was asked to write up case stories to highlight the skills she was gaining on the course. Anne Marie chose to highlight the Positives with a Positive EFT case study which ended with both Anne Marie and her client reclaiming the magic!


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Posted Oct 26, 2014

Energy EFT Case Story: Turn That Frown Upside-Down

A lovely Energy EFT case story from Distance Learning Student Nicky Mason, which highlights that sometimes we need to stop and ask for some help.

Nicky writes: This is one of my favourite case studies because of what unfolded throughout the process, which surprised both of us. At the mere mention of the exercise my practice partner seemed quite disengaged from the process, so the level of imagery right from the outset and how this evolved proved to be quite an eye-opener.

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Posted Oct 20, 2014