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EFT Reduces Depressive Symptoms - Study

A recent study published in The Journal of Integrative Medicine has shown that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping significantly reduced depressive symptoms. These results were found at both 3 month and 6 month intervals after treatment, giving support to the long terms benefits of EFT. Examination of the individual cases also revealed clinically significant improvements in anxiety.

The study concludes that the results are worthy of further investigation.

Posted Jun 21, 2016

EFT for Aerophobia on BBC - Conquer Your Fear of Flying

In June 2016, the BBC's TV show "City in the Sky" featured EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for conquering a persons fear of flying, also known as Aerophobia. Watch the full 9 minute clip here or to find a trained practitioner near you, see: Interactive Practitioner Map

Posted Jun 20, 2016

EMO, Classic EFT and Energy EFT

EMO Energy In Motion is fundamental to the development of modern Energy EFT. Here a comprehensive essay which traces the lineage of the different techniques and approaches utilized in modern Energy EFT as opposed to Classic EFT back to EMO Energy In Motion.

Posted Jun 12, 2016

EFT Tapping Reduces Food Cravings - Study

A recent study published in The International Association of Applied Psychology has shown that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping is an effective tool for reducing food cravings.

The report states that EFT and CBT are capable of producing treatment effects that are clinically meaningful and supports the suggestion that psychological interventions are beneficial for reducing food cravings.

Posted Jun 9, 2016

Art4Energists: My Art Exercise

Here is a beautiful, moving introduction to Art for Energists from the 2015 Energy Conference by Silvia Hartmann. Evoke the power of the magical artist within and free yourself from old injuries, blockages and reversals so that your art and creativity can blossom. 

Posted Jun 8, 2016

Welcome New GoE Members - May 2016

Drum roll please....here is May's list of new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. The GoE family grows bigger and stronger every month!

Please congratulate and welcome...

Posted Jun 7, 2016

Tap To School! - EFT In The Classroom

In this insightful case story from Netherlands-based GoE Energist Trainer Jacqueline Besseling, she describes how she introduced Energy EFT tapping to a elementary school group of 27 children.

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Posted Jun 2, 2016

EFT Shown To Reduce Headaches

An EFT study from the University of Athens, has found the frequency and intensity of the headache episodes were all significantly reduced when participates used EFT. It concludes that this trial shows promising results for not only the frequency and severity of headaches but also other lifestyle parameters.

Posted May 27, 2016

Energy EFT Heart & Soul Fridge Magnet

The Energy EFT Heart & Soul protocol is a simple and hugely effective tapping technique, and one that is highly recommended to all that love energy and tapping.

In a wonderfully simple and colourful layout, these handy Energy EFT fridge magnets are perfect for giving out to clients, workshop students and friends.

Posted May 25, 2016

Effect of EFT Tapping on Stress and Anxiety in Nursing Students - A Pilot Study

A recent EFT study has found that EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques  can be an effective tool for stress management and anxiety relief in nursing students.

Decreases in anxiety were statistically significant, as well as a reduction in self-reported stress. The data supports that nursing students experienced a decrease in feelings of stress and anxiety including a decrease in somatic symptoms, when EFT was used.

The study concludes that EFT can be an effective tool for stress management and anxiety relief in nursing students.

Posted May 12, 2016

Dr. Thornton Streeter Appearing at GoE Energy Conference 2016

The Guild of Energists (GoE) is thrilled to announce that Dr. Thornton Streeter will be joining GoE founder Silvia Hartmann as a keynote speaker at the GoE Energy Conference 2016 this November. Thornton will also be teaching a one day Biofield Viewer Workshop at the conference.

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Posted May 12, 2016

GoE Energy Trainer's Course - Port Melbourne, Australia - 100 Days To Go!

There is just 100 days left to go until the GoE Modern Energy & EFT Trainer's course begins in Port Melbourne, Australia.

For the first time in Australia's history, there is the chance to become a Modern GoE Energy Trainer, and be among the first to take advantage of the new Gold Rush in personal development, coaching and professional advancement, including the latest advances in modern Energy EFT tapping.

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Posted May 4, 2016

Welcome New GoE Members - April 2016

April sees an impressive list of new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. So great to see so many from across the globe!

Please congratulate and welcome...

Posted May 1, 2016

Anxiety and Anger Symptoms in Hwabyung Patients Improved More with EFT

An EFT study has found that EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques had better results at improving patients with Hwabyung when compared to a PMR Progressive Muscle Relaxation Program.

Hwabyung is a Korean somatization disorder, a mental illness which arises when people are unable to confront their anger as a result of conditions, which they perceive to be unfair. Hwabyung is loosely used as the name of the disease, as it is actually more of a name regarding the cause. Hwabyung is known as a culture-bound syndrome. The word hwabyung is composed of "hwa" meaning "fire", "angry", and "byung" meaning "syndrome" or "illness".

Posted Apr 28, 2016

How To Walk Across The Room Successfully

Silvia Hartmann writes; "When we work with positive energy, we experience a personalised, positive healing journey every time - and we can never choose the wrong positives. All positives are aspects of love. It is simple, profound and immensely practical - but also, exciting, stimulating, fun and very, very inspiring."

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Posted Apr 21, 2016

Yvonne MacLean goes Holistic & Mystic

It was a lovely April Sunday and the Holistic & Mystic  - Mind,Body,Soul event in Crawley, was buzzing with excitement and so was I! This was my first time booking a stall just for myself to offer Energy EFT positive experiences, read on to find out how it went.  

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Posted Apr 19, 2016

EFT & Energy Distance Learning Courses Sign Up Week

27th June 2016 marks the beginning of a new Sign Up Week for official GOE EFT & Energy distance learning courses, written by Silvia Hartmann on subjects including:


Whilst signup weeks officially runs from 27th June to 3rd July 2016, if you sign up before you'll be able to download and review the material before the courses start.

Upcoming Distance Learning Sign Up Weeks:

  • 27th June to 3rd July 2016

Posted Apr 18, 2016

EFT "Significant Decrease in Anxiety" - Systematic Review

A systematic review of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques has concluded that the tapping treatment results in a "significant decrease in anxiety".

Published in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, the paper by Ben Gurion University, Medical School for International Health, Israel includes meta-analysis and is based on 14 studies.

Posted Apr 15, 2016

Welcome New GOE Members - March 2016

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. It's absolutely fabulous to see so many taking the New Energy EFT Foundation Course!

Please congratulate and welcome...

Posted Apr 14, 2016

Happy International Tapping Day!

Guild of Energists CEO Alex Kent writes: "From the original TFT to the many derivative techniques, the tapping journey has come on a long way since Roger Callahan cured his patient "Mary", who previously had an extreme water phobia."

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Posted Apr 13, 2016