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EMO Article - The Energy Of Prayer

As a Catholic Sister and EMO Master Practitioner, Margarita Foley shows us how to enhance the power of prayer using EMO techniques, leaving you empowered and full of positive, spiritual energy.

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Posted Sep 19, 2014

Whoopi Goldberg Conquers Fear of Flying Using TFT

Whoopi Goldberg tells The View how she enrolled in Sir Richard Branson's "Flying Without Fear" program to conquor her fear of flying. This program utilises Thought Field Therapy, and is is based on the teachings of Dr. Roger Callahan. Tapping therapies such as EFT and TFT provide relief from anxiety and stress which was once caused by flying. 

The AMT recommends EFT tapping over TFT tapping as it is provides similar results but is easier to learn and practice.

Posted Sep 18, 2014

Karl Dawson on Parenting with Heart & Soul

AMT Practitioner and creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Karl Dawson, has written a review of Parenting with Heart & Soul by AMT Trainer Kelly Burch, which we thought was well worth sharing.

For more information on Parenting with Heart & Soul, visit DragonRising.

Posted Sep 17, 2014

AMT Standard Membership Now Available!

The AMT is now pleased to offer a "Standard Membership" alongside our other levels of membership to the association. Standard members (formerly associate members) will receive benefits such as their quarterly copy of The Energist journal magazine.

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Posted Sep 11, 2014

EFT Case Story: EFT to relieve anxiety & fear – my own story

From anxious, nervous and terrified to an energetically blissful experience, AMT Trainer Maria Chappell does some self EFT to cope with surgery on her face of all places!!

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Posted Sep 8, 2014

The NEW Aspects Model In EFT

Modern Energy EFT uses a different Aspects Model to Classic EFT. The new aspects model is logical, clear, simple and extremely effective in the treatment of fears and phobias as well as making it structurally possible for a person to start understanding themselves, forgiving themselves, and loving themselves.

The Modern Aspects Model by Silvia Hartmann is a major upgrade and available exclusively from TheAMT (The Guild of Energists).

Posted Sep 5, 2014

EFT Studies & Research

Thanks to Ben Meijer and Dr Liz Boath for submitting lists of scientific research and evidence featuring EFT as of Dec 2013. We understand this list is by no means comprehensive so please contact the AMT if there is an omission.

Posted Sep 4, 2014

Three Years of Next-Generation EFT

In July 2011, AMT Trainers got together in London Gatwick to decide on what should be included in the first major update to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques since founder Gary Craig announced his retirement in 2010. The result was the EFT Master Practitioner course, written by Silvia Hartmann and first presented in November 2011.

This wasn't just a tweak to Classic EFT but a complete overhaul from the ground up, based on the energy principles of Silvia Hartmann's EMO. There are so many unbelievable ground-breaking developments in the new system, such as the stress-chart and the SUE scale that the testimonials started flooding in. To date, we've collected 18,000 words. What has become clear is that whilst the beginners to tapping take the course for granted, it's the experienced EFT practitioners that fall in love with the new methods and techniques the most.

Back in 2011, The AMT only had 250 Professional Members and that number has near quadruppled in recent years thanks to this course. A big thank-you to all our wonderful trainers who have done such a fabulous job bringing this information to the public.

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Posted Sep 2, 2014

Parenting with Heart & Soul by Kelly Burch

AMT Trainer Kelly Burch's new book on modern parenting for reducing stress in both children and parents is now available for pre-order from DragonRising Publishing and will be released on the 8th September 2014.

Rather than taking the approach that increasing stress in your child is a good thing to get them to obey your will (think techniques such as “counting down”, “naughty corners”, etc) this book offers simple solutions that result in a much more harmonious and happy home.

This is a great little book that is accessible to all parents without being at all preachy. All of us at The AMT thank Kelly tremendously for putting this information out there.

Recommended to all parents, you can pre-order your copies now for just £9.99 + postage direct from DragonRising – click here. Remember to login if you're an AMT member as you'll receive a discount:

  • Standard Member: 10% (1 copy) or 30% (3+ copies)
  • Professional Member: 15% (1 copy) or 40% (3+ copies)
  • Trainer: 20% (1 copy) or 50% (3+ copies)

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Posted Aug 29, 2014

The Energist - August 2014

This issue comes a little late in the month, but that just means there is even more great news to tell you about. From the EFT & Energy Conference early bird discount coming to a close, to the success of World Energy Day, August has been a great month for Energists.

September is always a busy time for The AMT as we see increased numbers of people coming through our training courses at all levels. In a couple of weeks we'll also be sending out the Autumn 2014 print edition of The Energist to our members and professional members, with the online/smart phone/tablet edition to follow in October.

Wishing you a +10 month ahead!

- Josh Alliston, Editor

ps: Have you considered joining The AMT? Membership costs from as little as £25.00/year (just £2.08/month) and you get a whole host of benefits - see here

In this issue:

Posted Aug 28, 2014

Forthcoming Live Trainings & Events - September 2014

Have you been thinking about becoming a practitioner, or taking that extra course? Are your skills in need of a little polish or you want to learn what's new? Don't wait, book your place at an event in September today! 

The AMT advertises up and coming Live Trainings and Events, so that you can say "Yes - I'm going to do it".

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Posted Aug 20, 2014

Welcome New AMT Members - July 2014

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. 

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Posted Aug 20, 2014

Letting People Know You're There - The Emotions Expert Is An Energist

AMT Chair Silvia Hartmann writes: I know for a fact that any time any of us energists turns on the TV, we are having kittens.

There are all these programs about people in trouble and NOBODY is actually helping them with what's wrong.

Doesn't matter if it's programs on hoarding, on the 20 stone teenager, on people who have had operations go wrong or people who have been in terrible accidents and plane crashes, victims of crime, addictions and compulsions - everybody is suffering and NOBODY is helping them.

We really do need to raise public awareness of our existence, and a straightforward way to do this is to let people know that you exist, and that you are an expert on emotions.

Posted Aug 19, 2014

Bereavement Pain - How To Heal The Pain Of Bereavement

Bereavement pain is the strongest and most painful of all human emotions. And like all human emotions, bereavement pain makes no sense at all - unless you bring the energy system, the true Factor X of the human condition, into the equation.

Bereavement pain isn't in the head - it is an ACTUAL FELT PAIN that comes in waves and can be totally debilitating.

Posted Aug 8, 2014

Get a Free EMO Demo!

August 8th marks International World Energy Day, and to celebrate we are teaming up with some of most experienced EMO (EmoTrance) Practitioners to offer free 10-minute demonstrations or talks via phone or Skype!

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Posted Aug 8, 2014

Saving An Aspect - The Child In The Dark Closet

It is true that people carry their events on their sleeve - people bring their events, good, bad, unknowable, missing or absent, along with them wherever they go, and if someone will listen, the events are right there to be dealt with, quickly and directly.

Here is a case of "conversational energy work" - a lady who had been in therapy for 30 years - and no-one thought to save an aspect who was suffering in darkness still: The Child In The Closet

Posted Aug 8, 2014

Energy For Absolute Beginners

A Visitor asked: "A friend send me a link to this site but I don't know what's going on here. What is this energy stuff? Isn't energy gas or petrol? Can you explain ...?"

Here is an article for energy greenhorns - Energy For Absolute Beginners

Posted Aug 8, 2014

A Project Sanctuary Classic Game For Energy888

Project Sanctuary is the method of choice to work with energy mind - the head of the energy body! - in order to gain access to paradigm shifting, truly creative and entirely original thought.

This article contains an introduction to the importance of energy awareness, a short synopsis of Project Sanctuary and a Classic Game for World Energy Awareness Event, August 8th at 8pm.

Posted Aug 8, 2014

A Project Sanctuary Classic Game For Energy888

Project Sanctuary is the method of choice to work with energy mind - the head of the energy body! - in order to gain access to paradigm shifting, truly creative and entirely original thought.

This article contains an introduction to the importance of energy awareness, a short synopsis of Project Sanctuary and a Classic Game for World Energy Awareness Event, August 8th at 8pm.

Posted Aug 8, 2014

EFT Case Story: No I'm totally serious, it's a miracle!

This truly inspiring EFT case story comes from EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Jo Brown. Here Jo helped a friend's mum go from incredible pain, to dancing around the room and shouting, 'It's a miracle!'.

Jo Writes: I had a wonderful experience last night tapping with a friends mum. My friend asked if I would visit her mum who we shall call Mandy. My friend told me Mandy worked full time, she is on her feet all day and suffers with unbearable pain when she gets in from work at 6 pm. She also said she can't get out of bed in the mornings until her pain killers have kicked in.

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Posted Aug 6, 2014